Screen System on the market !


Whether it be for application on a lookout, porch, hanging roof, existing enclosure or new construction, the FIXE DSI rail system can be adapted to your liking.

Front, Side or Back of the home

This results in our ability to install the ScreenRail screen on either the left or right side.

NO maintenance

All in high grade aluminum (thicker than our competitors) (more resistant to the elements)

The ScreenRail will not fade, complete with an unparalleled durability.

Structural Strenght

This one of a kind patented concept Specifically built to be installed on the surface or siding of any door, window or enclosure openings.

Powder coating resistance

Insures a continuous support and more importantly protects the screenRail against the Canadian seasonal elements like rain, snow, sun and debris.

Standard colors

All ScreenRails are created with a powder coated oven baked paint finish to ensure its resistance and aesthetics.

Special order custom colors are also available.


Proud supplier of the Digger rail system

EXCLUSIVE SUPPLIER of the ClearView Retractable Screen

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